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Myolean Fitness is the best place on the internet to get science-based fitness information. If you are looking to lose fat, build muscle and transform your physique, look no further – you are at the right place!

We know that the fitness industry is filled with conflicting information in which you can easily get lost. We’ve been there too and we know how it feels.

That’s exactly why Myolean Fitness is here.

Our primary goal is to help you break free from the web of misinformation you’ve been trapped in by supplement companies, con-artists and “fitness gurus”.

Essentially, we are here to make sure that you are getting fitness information which is based on the best blend of scientific evidence and practical knowledge currently available!

About Us - Myolean Fitness

Why Trust Us?

Well, for starters, we are experienced fitness professionals who specialize in helping people transform their physiques.

Building better bodies is just what we love to do! But that’s not where it ends.

Throughout the years, we have personally tried and tested almost every training and dieting approach out there.

HIIT protocols, steady state cardio, high- and low-repetition resistance training routines, low carb/ketogenic diets, high carb diets, intermittent fasting, frequent meals and anything else you can think of. You name it, we’ve done it.

Moreover, we have gone through, literally, hundreds of scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals on the topics of health and fitness.

Not only that, but we make sure to always remain up-to-date on the latest research by staying in close contact with the top researchers and practitioners in the field.

Combine our vast practical experience with our insatiable thirst for continually increasing our knowledge, and what you get is true expertise. Do we need to say more?

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Enough talk, then! Time to start building muscle, losing fat and transforming your physique!

About Us - 9-Step Guide to Permanent Fat Loss